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We love creating memorable stationery and event details for our wonderful clients.

For detailed investment information, please see our 2023 pricing below:

  • - - -
  • Design Fee, starting at $1,500.00
    2 Card Suite, starting at $9/per suite
    3 Card Suite, starting at $11/per suite
    4 Card Suite, starting at $13/per suite
    Printed Envelope, Addresses, starting at $1/each
    Wax Seals, starting at $2/each
    Ribbon, starting at $2/each
    Vellum Folders, starting at $2/each
    Paper Folders, starting at $3/each
    Clips, starting at $0.25/each
    Envelope Liners, starting at $1/each
  • - - -
  • Welcome Sign, starting at $400/each
    Large Menu, starting $500/each
    Seating Chart, starting at $600/each
    Escort Display. starting at $600/each
    Table Numbers, starting at $15/each
    Individual Menus, Paper, starting at $4/each
    Individual Menus, Wood, starting at $12/each
    Individual Menus, Acrylic, starting at $15/each
    Flat Paper Placecards, starting at $2/each
    Folded Paper Placecards, starting at $3/each
    Wooden Placecards, starting at $5/each
    Acrylic Placecards, starting at $7/each
    Tile Placecards, starting at $7/each
    Custom Bar Sign, starting at $65/each
    Vow Books, starting at $25/each
  • - - -
  • Large Acrylic Logo Signs, starting at $500/each
    Tabletop Acrylic Logo Signs, starting at $45/each
    Branded Paper Menus, starting $6/each
    Branded Wooden Menus, starting $12/each
    Branded Acrylic Menus, starting $15/each
    Custom Placecards, starting at $4/each
  • - - -
  • pink flowers cream flowers roses daisies on light pink background
    Envelope Addressing, Outer, starting at $8/each
    Envelope Addressing, Inner, starting at $4/each
    Envelope Addressing, RSVP, starting at $3/each
    Custom Text Pieces (i.e. vows, verses, etc.), starting at $1/word (+layout fee)
    Metallic/Specialty Ink Addition, starting at $0.25 each envelope
    Custom Ink Color Addition, starting at $0.25 each envelope
    Paper Placecards, starting at $2/each
    Custom Keepsakes, starting at $300/each
    On-Site Calligraphy $150/hour; 3 hour min
  • - - -
  • Laser Engraving, starting at $5/each
    Hand Engraving, starting at $35/each
    On-Site Engraving $150/hour; 3hour min
  • - - -
  • Home D├ęcor Signs, starting at $200/each
    Small Business Logo Signs, starting at $90/each
    Small Business QR Code Signs, starting at $45/each
    Custom Name Signs, starting at $45/each
    Custom Name Puzzles/Door Hangers, starting at $45/each
    Custom Watercolor Art, starting at $500/piece
    Custom Logo Design, starting at $300/per logo
    Custom Wedding Art, starting at $200/per piece
  • - - -
  • Event Planning – 12 Months 15% of total budget
    Event Planning – 6 Months 12% of total budget
    Event Coordination – 4 Weeks 9% of total budget
    Event Coordination – 2 Weeks 7% of total budget
    Day-of Coordination 5% of total budget
  • Project Fees
  • - - -
  • Delievery/Set Up (on-site), starting at $250.00
    Tear Down/Removal (on-site), starting at $250.00
    Mileage (on-site projects) $0.50/mile
    Meals (on-site projects) $25/meal up to 3 per day
    Accommodations (multi day, on-site projects), starting at $300/night
    Parking (on-site projects), starting at $20.00
    Research $25/hour
    Admin/Formatting $35/hour
    Prototyping $65/hour
    Layout (calligraphy text pieces), starting at $125/each
    Design, starting at $85/hour
    Postage, US, machinable, under 1 ounce $0.65/each
    Postage, US, non-machinable, under 1 ounce $1.20/each
    Postage, international, machinable, under 1 ounce $1.20/each
    Postage, international, non-machinable, under 1 ounce $1.85/each
    Postage, irregular shapes/sizes, USPS priority, starting at $20/each

Booking Policy

We are excited to learn about your project and see if we are a good fit for you! In the meantime, please review our basic booking policies to ensure we are all on the same page:

  1. TDS maintains a $1,000 project minimum unless otherwise stated.
  2. Projects are not considered officially booked until the contract is signed and the invoice is paid.
  3. Design and production will not begin until the project is officially booked.
  4. The project completion date is either the day the project needs to be posted/shipped out, or the in-hand date, whichever comes first.
  5. Rush projects are those with project completion dates fewer than 30 days away.
  6. Rush projects require payment up front and in full for booking.
  7. Rush fees are based on the booking date (contract and invoice) and the project completion deadline which is usually one to two weeks prior to the event date.
  8. Rush fees are reassessed every 48 hours and increase as the distance between the booking date and the project completion date decreases. The closer we get to the project completion date, the greater the rush fees are.
  9. The best way to “lock in” quoted rates is to finalize booking (contract and invoice). Prices and terms are subject to change at any point prior to the contract being signed and the invoice being paid.
  10. Rush projects are not guaranteed and are only accepted if TDS is able to fit them into the current production schedule.
  11. Shipping fees are based on the size and weight of the items being shipped as well as the shipping carrier’s fees. Additional postage may be necessary to collect if shipping is greater than the estimated cost at the time of booking.